We are more than satisfied with the service and quality of Versatile PreMedia. Our business process and production partners are highly recommended as they understand on a very deep level our needs and targets.

Versatile PreMedia shows us additionally always alternatives we haven’t seen or thought of and is there for a highly trusted partner.

Furthermore we admire the fact of evaluating the projects after finishing them to assure a growing understanding of our company and specialties.

Publishing House

​Munderfing, Austria​

For one of our projects, we had to provide an option of Korean translation for each English sentence on the “Fixed-Layout” of the Children’s book. There was no solution on the horizon until VPS came to our rescue. They provided a creative “Read-Aloud” solution with the option to display the Korean language translation for each sentence, by clicking on the pop-up sign. Their solution was a unique combination of creativity, practicality and aesthetics. They have also converted more than 2000 of those books into eBooks. I highly recommend VPS to anyone who needs not just a routine service provider but also a solution expert with enormous delivery capability.

One of the top 3 Publishers

South Korea

When it comes to high-complex eBook layouts with footnotes, illustrations, tables, and even multimedia elements Versatile PreMedia is a quick and reliable partner. We have worked on several book projects together and I can highly recommend their services.

Publishing House

Braunschweig, Germany

I am delighted to say that I am working with Versatile for over a year now after having some experiences with similar companies. The production team of Versatile has a lot of knowledge, the production time is fast. The quality is good and if there are issues it is always a time to discuss it.

The major business we do is conversion to ePub Reflowable or Fixed Layout. Not possible is no answer for them and I am happy that they work that way. High quality is required and without a doubt they give me very good quality.

They are very nice company to work with and work for.

Publishing House

Almere, The Netherlands

We have been working with Versatile PreMedia for a while, we have a dedicate project manager (Ganesh Satav), who is managing with our complicated requirements. We always have a contact person to check that the work will go through smoothly and to take care for our entire concerns. It has been a pleasure to work with this company on our complicated ebooks and the project delivered on time.


Jerusalem, Israel

Our working relationship with Versatile Media has been a great experience. It is important for my company to work with those that are just as concerned about integrity and excellence standards. They have provided quick turnaround times, great communication, and competitive pricing. These qualities are important to me, my business, and my clients.


Chambersburg, PA, USA

Versatile PreMedia is one of our preferred partners for digitalization of different types of source material to formatted Microsoft Word documents (with our special style sheet) and XML (different DTD and XML Schema structures). The field of source material starts with hardcopy magazines up to editable PDF files.

They adopted our requirements in a secure in-house process. No Matter what kind of delivery format we require, Versatile PreMedia is delivering in a very good and stable data quality, what is necessary for our automatic conversion process to XML.

Last but not the least Project Management and giving detailed feedback in case to case and special cases are an important part for these successful collaboration.

Publishing House

Jena, Germany

I have used Versatile PreMedia Services for several ePub projects, and their attention to detail and flexibility are excellent. Highly recommend.

Self-Publishing Author

Louisville, Kentucky Area, USA

I would like to relate a very positive experience that I had while converting a 1980's printed reference book -- "What's Where in the Apple" -- into an eBook. While the 150 pages of previously typeset materials were not going to be a problem, the 100 pages of tables which had been produced on a line printer were very difficult. In addition to the simple line printer font being tough for OCR programs to properly convert, the tables used character separators such as '\\' or '[]' rather than true columns. I found a company in India that was able to handle this complex and manually-intensive work well and at a very reasonable cost. Versatile PreMedia Services does conversions and offers many other services required to get materials ready for publication. Check them out at http://www.versatilepremedia.in.


Fountain Hills AZ, USA

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