Fixed Layout eBooks

Fixed Layout eBooks Production

For books with sophisticated illustration and/or photography, Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) have developed precise, “Fixed Layout” formats for iOS, Kindle, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble color devices that Versatile PreMedia employs to produce beautiful, full-page, full-bleed, illustrated eBooks that retain printed page fidelity.

Producing Fixed Layout eBooks is more complex than producing a standard Reflowable eBook. This Fixed Layout process is similar to typesetting a page on the device screen and involves manipulating the fixed format layout publication file to exactly control the page layout, position images, embed fonts, and create single image page spreads in landscape view.

Fixed Layout format eBooks are ideally suited for titles in which any of the following composition elements are critical to the reader experience:

  • Multicolumn text pages
  • Page design and design elements
  • Illustrations or artistic photography
  • Aspect ratios that cannot change
  • Original art that must be faithfully represented
  • Color and graphics that support reader comprehension and/or enjoyment.
  • Layouts built around pedagogical methodology in textbooks.

Versatile PreMedia leads the market in production of Fixed Layout format eBooks.

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