Enhanced eBooks

Enhanced eBooks

Versatile PreMedia has served a vast range of publishers globally, with their experts in media, designing, technology and developers since the dawn of eBooks. Versatile’s services have helped publishers and corporations to develop enhanced eBooks with interactive content. Versatile, with its experts involved in transformation of the conventionally published content into exciting enhanced eBook products is changing the readers into loyal digital customers in the process.

The enhanced eBooks are so entrancing that your reader will be excited and enthralled with unparalleled interactive experiences.

Our enhanced eBook offerings include:
  • Interactive eBooks
  • Edutainment eBooks
  • Multilingual eBooks publishing
  • Multimedia-rich eBooks Children’s books/story books
  • Animated books

  • Versatile PreMedia team of content experts can offer you innovative solutions to help you enhance the production of the eBook and design the process efficiently and economically to delight your customers. Our team is versatile in every category of content, from text books to novels, journals to manuals and so on.

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