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We at “Versatile PreMedia Services” understand the importance of Publishing & pre-media services and their significance in imparting knowledge globally. We work at the intersection of Technology and Innovation and since our inception, we have firmly believed and invested in the areas of high quality and stringent process implementation.

We have come up with a Tool which converts the PDF into ePUB. It is cost effective, requires less human intervention and therefore is a boon for content aggregators, self publishers, authors and publishing houses.

More than 18 months now, we have successfully converted 2,160,000 pages into ePUB Reflowable and Fixed Layout format for Fiction, Non-Fiction, STM Books, Manuals, K-12, Travel Guide, Cook Books, Mathematical and Botanical Books for Major Content Aggregators in USA and Europe within a Fixed Turnaround Time.

Following are the key features of ePUB Builder:

ePUB Builder

  • Flat Price for Reflowable & Fixed Layout ePUB
  • Fixed Turnaround Time
  • IDPF Standard HTML Coding
  • Customized ‘Client Specification’ Validation Tool
  • Major eBooks Store Validation Points Covered
  • ePUB Compatible with 18 Universal Devices

To have a quick tour of our ePUB Builder it will not take more than 30 minutes of your valuable time. These 30 minutes will save you 30% – 40% operation cost and help you plan your budget efficiently, for the coming year.

Our sales team would be happy to assist you and show you the demo. Please fix an appointment with us at

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