A centric system for company’s day-to-day activities – VPS (MIS)

After signing off the contracts in publishing and outsourcing business, major issues which are usually and commonly noticed are communication and tracking of the day-to-day activities for larger volumes. For example to name a few: Uploading files on the FTP server, sending emails, instructions, quick communication, keeping reminders and having daily conference calls with service providers, etc.

It is difficult to manage at both, the customer as well as service providers end, as these are human dependent and cost involving tasks and they finally affect the end customer's expectations and needs.

Not to mention, having customers and service providers in different time zones, the customer keeps waiting until the service provider responds to the email which eventually is a loss of time.

We understand how imperative it is to “save time” if all these tasks are taken care by a system. Thus, this valuable saved time and money can be utilised towards company’s goals and growth.

Large sized companies are able to invest on project management systems as they are aware of the benefits which addresses and resolves the above mentioned issues. Small and mid-sized companies are unable to obtain such kind of high technologies due to financial constraints.

After analysing and experiencing the customer difficulties, we at Versatile PreMedia Services (VPS) have come up with a solution and a platform through which customers can do all the communication via single window portal and quick communication chats are interlinked with Management Information System (MIS).

Below are the key features of our MIS:

  1. Customized Dashboard for all the levels
  2. Integrated Data Transaction similar to FTP or Dropbox
  3. Commenting session with restriction for all the levels
  4. Accessible through Mobile using MobileApp
  5. Scrum can be implemented in our MIS

If you need further information on this product, VPS team will be happy to assist you by explaining you in length all the features of the product. Fixing an appointment to have a demo would be a good start.

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